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Important note for all Immigrant Visa applicants: Due to changes in the regulations regarding medical clearances, medical checks are now valid for only 6 months. The 6 month validity is from the date of the exam until the date of entry to the United States. Thus, even if an applicant has had a medical check in the last 6 months, unless they plan to actually travel and enter the United States before the end of that 6 month period, they will need a NEW medical check. This should be completed at the same medical facility in the UAE where the first check was completed. Every visa applicant must complete the exam, not just the principal applicant.

Your case number should be contains 3 letters and 10 numbers (Ex.: ABD2011123456)

For diversity visa (Visa Lottery) 4 numbers, 2 letters, and 5 numbers (Ex.: 2011AS12345)

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